Important Information

Highlights for Summer 2023

Spring: The water at the spring is running and is treated but not tested. Tests are expected to be completed and shared approximately June 6th, 2023. Remember to turn the valve all the way off and ensure it is not dripping or running when leaving.

Well: The well by the shed provides water for the restroom in the shed, watering of Memory Grove trees, and is available for landowners at the well head.  The water is suitable ONLY for watering trees and runs slowly.

Annual Dues Payment: It is very important to pay your annual dues when billed.  Thanks to those who pay timely.

Weeds: Every landowner has the responsibility to keep noxious weeds under control on his or her property.  TMLOA will control weeds on the roads right-of-way.

Right-of-way brush control: We ask landowners to help with brush removal on areas adjacent to their lots.  Work parties will assist in brush removal, but only if affected landowner is there to help.  See a TMLOA Board Member for scheduling brush removal along the road near your lot.

Culverts: Landowner-built access roads that intersect with TM roadways must have culverts installed so that water will not erode the TM road surface.  It in doubt, check with our Road Supervisor, Boyd Ferrin.  Don’t forget Blue Stake if digging near Thunder Mountain Road, Selkirk Road or Wasatch Road.

Road Grading: This will continue as long as the roadways are moist.  Be aware that the road grader and a roller may be in use any time you visit Thunder Mountain.

Speed and Paying Attention: Speed limit should be maintained at 20 MPH. We have had several slide-offs, with vehicle damage, on sharp curves.  Also many ATV’s are traveling our roads, with children and young adults at the controls.  If you have control or influence over these driver, insist that they drive safely.

Fire Danger: No “open fires” in Bannock County June 20 – October 1, 2021. See specific details at the following link: Bannock County open burn ban to begin Sunday – East Idaho News. Remember fireworks are never permitted to be used anywhere on Thunder Mountain.  Burning a slash pile requires a “Burn Permit” from the Lava Fire Department. However, this is currently restricted.

Gate: The electrically operated gate is operated by remote control (garage door opener) or by keypad input, with the proper key code.  Openers are available for $20.  Contact by email at Margee Bebee or text/phone 208-705-1313 for keypad access. A 5 day lead time is helpful for new key code programming.

Page Last Updated 05/27/2023