Property owners making land improvement either by building or cutting their own access roads, that intersect, approach, or have road access touch points with the Thunder Mountain roadways must pay the costs to have culverts (min 12″) installed.

Installing culverts assists in preventing road erosion from water impacting the Thunder Mountain road surface. If in doubt, check with TMLOA Road board contact, Kenny Cleaves at 208-241-7765 or TMLOA Land Improvements board contact Rick Brown 801-648-4952.                                                                                             

REMINDER: Culverts must be a minimum of 12 inches wide and no smaller. Additionally, they need to be kept clear of debris. 

CALL BLUE STAKE – Don’t forget to call Blue Stake.  Owners digging near Thunder Mountain Road, Selkirk Road or Wasatch Road, should call Blue Stakes to mark the land.

Page Last Updated: 05/17/2024