Property Improvements

Property Improvement Guidance

Definition: Property improvements include all improvements or changes to your TMLOA property. Examples include but are not limited to the following; cutting or changing a road into a property, adding or altering RV pads, adding temporary storage sheds, digging trenches, installing electricity or electrical boxes, cutting or removing trees or shrubs, removing or adding fences, etc.

Steps to Take:

  1. Print & complete TMLOA Property Improvement Plan 102020 Original 2 from link.
  2. TMLOA property owners are responsible to follow and abide by TMLOA CCRs and the TMLOA Rules & Regulations, located under “For Members” tab.
  3. Go to Bannock County Parcel Viewer link and locate your TMLOA property.
  4. Print plat map of your TMLOA property. Only Bannock County Parcel Viewer maps are acceptable.
  5. Using the Property Improvement Plan and printed Bannock County Parcel Viewer map, draw and explain improvements desired. Use as many multiple pages to explain all improvements.
  6. Culverts must be installed by the property owner at the road access points to help prevent road erosion. For guidance, refer to TMLOA Roads contact, Kenny Cleaves 208-241-7765.
  7. TMLOA property owners are responsible to contact Bannock County to obtain ALL permits, which may include; excavation, land use, and/or building permits and must provide verification any or all of these permits have been obtained, by providing a copy of your permit(s) to the TMLOA board with your property improvement plan.
  8. Click on the following informational links from Bannock County and Rocky Mountain Power to assist in organizing and making your plans and preparations.
  9. Email to TMLOA Land Improvements Board at: [email protected]. A cc can be included to any or all board members as long as “tmloa.landimprovement” email address is primary.
  10. The TMLOA Land Improvements Board will review the information and provide a response.
  11. The TMLOA board sends a receipt confirmation and follow response(s) after review. Responses are not immediate, pending any review or discussion. Timeframe can be 1 – 30 days, plan accordingly.
  12. Property improvements not included in the property improvement submission and/or later identified as inappropriate or not within the Bylaws or CCRs of TMLOA, can be questioned or raised as a concern and addressed by TMLOA board to correct, at the TMLOA landowner expense.

Architectural Land Improvement Board contacts are shown below:

Rick Brown 801-648-4952     Mike Foley 801-920-6437

Page last updated: 07/01/2023